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The Flangelator


The Flangelator is installed during the rough plumbing stages of a project. The benefits of the patent-pending Flangelator are realized at the finished plumbing stage. Measuring 5 inches in diameter and 7/8 inches in height, the plastic template is easily secured to the drain test cap with a single wingnut as shown to the right.

The perimeter of the Flangelator provides tile setters with unprecedented guidance with which to position the underlayment and tiles at the precisely accurate distance from the 3-inch waste pipe. In addition, six fold-down tabs provide returning plumbers with exact screw locations. The Flangelator can then be removed for future reuse.


The Flangelator’s six screw tabs are currently positioned in accordance with the Charlotte brand PVC closet flange. Additional models for both PVC and cast iron products will be available soon.
The Flangelator retails for just $6.95.
FREE shipping with purchase of 6 or more)

The model in the first photo below demonstrates the usefulness of the Flangelator template during the three typical stages of bathroom floor installation: subfloor, underlayment and finish tile. The second and third photos demonstrate the installation of the Flangelator and the final perfect toilet flange installation…no broken tiles from drilling, no frustration, and no loss of time and money!

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